FAQs GlowPad & GlowPad IR APPLICATIONS: Military: Room clearing, IFF, Convoy marking, Small room illumination, LZ/DZ, Bundle marking, Perimeter/route marking and many more Emergency Services (Police & Fire): Pathway marking, Ingress/Egress marking, Disabled vehicle marking, Evidence marking, Field marking of prisoner/detainees and many more Medical: Triage, Mass casualty marking, Patient transfer marking, Process flow marking, Biohazard marking and many more Disaster Response: Damaged building marking, Occupied dwelling marking, shut down power lines, flooded areas/roadways, Obstacles, Go/No-Go areas and many more Industrial: Personnel and position ID marker, obstacles, equipment, First Aid kits/ personnel, maintained structures and equipment and many more Nuclear sites and railways worldwide have already adopted chemiluminescent products such as the famous light sticks and they are mandatory in some of the world's leading maintenance companies. The GlowPad has many more advantages, which outweigh the competitors. The GlowPad is a world-wide patented new product, which can be use in new and improved markets. The capabilities of the GlowPad create a new class of illuminating products, which do not need energy sources or produce heat or sparks. They are much safer than other competing products. The GlowPad is divided into chambers that can be activated in stages because it is made with strong and flexible materials that allow the chemicals to be preserved. The product can be made in a variety of shapes and colors as well as in multicolor. Personalized graphics can also be printed onto the GlowPad. Compared to other products, the GlowPad is strong, flexible, and light-weight at approximately 16 grams. All of those advantages make the GlowPad a unique, effective and useful product. What is a GlowPad? GlowPad is an innovative new ultra-light and ultra-flat chemical light device that can be operated in stages and designed for a variety of emergency, tactical, outdoor, sports, enertainment, novelty, promotion and advertising, general civilian market uses and more. What shapes of the GlowPad are available? Practically any shape is possible. The GlowPad technology allows multi-shapes and multi-color including long glowing lines. What are the uses of the GlowPad? The uses for GlowPad and GlowPad IR are nearly endless and only limited by the imagination of the user. They are perfect anywhere, easy to attach, lightweight, extremely durable and its glowing surface can be written or printed on with marker. How can I holdattached the GlowPad? GlowPad can be attached with an adhesive backing, with long adhesive wings, with our special transparent pouch, or with Velcro. GlowPad and GlowPad IR, can be attached to an object or person in many different ways. The extremely aggressive adhesive will stick to virtually any surface, including a damp surface and most fabrics, without leaving a residue. The GlowPad can easily be inserted into any crack or groove otch, or be wrapped around a tree branch (perform to its flexibility) etc. What colors are available? GlowPad is available in the visible colors Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, white, orange, purple and pink. GlowPad IR is Infrared for covert operations. How long will GlowPad provide light for marking? The working duration for standard GlowPad - 8-12 hours. The IR GlowPad 4-6 hours. How does GlowPad compare to chemical light sticks? The only similarity between the GlowPad and light sticks is that both are chemical light products. GlowPad and GlowPad IR are unique in that they are extremely durable, designed to prevent self-activation, 66% lighter in weight than a 6” light stick and, due to its flat surface, can be printed or written on with a permanent marker or grease pencil. Due to the light weight, perfect size and unique design of the GlowPad and GlowPad IR many more units of the product can be safely stuffed in cargo pockets and pouches than any 6" light stick in the market. In a box of 1 kilogram full of GlowPads there are 6000 hours of light if activated by stages and 750 hours of light if activating all of the GlowPad in one activation. In 1 kilogram of 6” light stick it is possible to have 264 hours of light. How do GlowPad compare to other light sources? A. GlowPad V’s Candles GlowPad are not a source of fire and are quickly and cleanly activated without the need for matches or other sources, they will not blow out or drip and will work in the rain and produce a much greater volume of light. A. GlowPad V’s Torch (Flashlight) GlowPad weigh considerably less, are easier to store and carry, because the flexibility of the Glow Pad can provide a multi-angle lighting area, work under water, will not corrode, need no form of power such as batteries and will resist breaking even under extraordinary conditions. Are GlowPad safe to use? Absolutely! the GlowPad safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable. They are not a source of heat or sparks. They can be used in confined spaces and stored in areas which contain combustible mixtures of gases or liquids, where ordinary sources of light could cause an explosion or fire hazard. We do not recommend the products for children under 5 years of age without adult supervision. All certificates and MSDSs are available upon request. What happens if a GlowPad leaks or breaks? GlowPad products are designed to prevent accidental activation. This means they are extremely tough and resistant to leaks and breaking. If one were to leak or break the chemicals are non-toxic and will not cause injury to skin or eyes. In the unlikely event of contact with the chemicals, rinse thoroughly the affected areas with water. Please note that the chemicals may stain clothing or furniture. The material of the GlowPad used are aluminum laminate and plastic. Therefore, it is prohibited to cut or puncture the GlowPad and makes the liquid leak out of it. a. IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT In case of skin contact, wash the affected area with soap and water. Avoid contact with sensitive skin especially with eruptions or broken skin (cuts). Medical treatment is maybe necessary in case of swelling or if itching occurs. b. IN CASE OF EYE CONTACT Immediately irrigate with plenty of water and refrain from rubbing the eyes. In case of itch or congestion, seek medical attention as soon as possible. c. IN CASE OF CLOTHING CONTACT The solution can stain clothes. Dry cleaning may be needed. d. IN CASE OF FURNITURE CONTACT Stain wood and leather products. Plastic has the tendency to deteriorate when it comes into contact with GlowPad. Are GlowPad disposable? After use, please dispose in a responsible manner by placing the glow products in a refuse bin or container. Did not find what you were looking for? Do not worry, just give us a call on + 972-7-77015500 or Email ( Formaglow@gmail.com) or through the contact form on our website.