GlowPad is a unique and innovative product, offering endless, indoor and outdoor uses

The new innovative GlowPad We are proud to introduce our new innovative product the "GlowPad" that provide instant light GlowPad is a unique and innovative product, offering endless, indoor and outdoor uses. When you have a GlowPad, you don’t need to worry if the batteries are fully charge, or how to hold it when you need free hands to work, or what will happen if it falls to the ground. GlowPad doesn’t need any energy source, it has no moving parts, no glass and it waterproof. GlowPad can be used several times. It's easily stored, it can be folded and has a 3 years lifetime. Make sure GlowPad is always around :Advantages Can be reactivated in stages Activating just 4 of the 8 cells will cover the entire surface of the GlowPad The remaining 4 cells can be activated at a future time Control over illumination intensity and duration Flexible, 16g, glass free, durable Possible to write or design by using a dry erase marker or permanent marker on the GlowPad screen The Glow Pad can be set in a variety of places and positions by inserting the edge of the pad in cracks and revicesd :Possible uses of the Glowing Pad for safety Flash lights, identification, instructions and directions signs, landing areas kits, S.O.S signs, area markers, automobile safety, use Glowing Pad as a vehicle marker when pulled to the side of the road, or after an accident, use Glowing Pad as signal for help, use Glowing Pad when gas leaks or other dangers pose a serious risk, traffic control use Glowing Pad as hand glowing flag, use Glowing Pad as safe non-heat producing light during power outages, use Glowing Pad in case of fire or emergency, search and rescue, attach a Glowing Pad to your a personal floatation devices, and many more GlowPad applications