FormaGlows' technology enables a thin and flexible surface of any size, shape or color to illuminate Short description of our technology: Our glowing pads are made of a flexible plastic containing a thin-walled aluminum laminate which have blistered \ pockets (as in the pharmaceutical tablets pills packages). Outside the aluminum blisters is a solution of hydrogen peroxide, H202, dissolved in solvent. Inside the aluminum blisters is a solution containing a phenyl oxalate ester and a fluorescent dye. An array of blisters \ capsules contain with one of the solution (A) while the other solution (B) is kept in a special pad that is saturated with this solution, when the to solution are mix a glowing light appear. When the aluminum blisters is mashed and squashed, the thin-walled of aluminum laminate with in the device is torn and breaks and its contents mix with the solution outside. Then, the H202 reacts with the phenyl oxalate ester: During the reaction, an intermediate forms that transfers energy to dye molecules. The energized dye molecules release this energy as visible light. The process in which energy from a chemical reaction is released directly as light called chemiluminescence. Advantages of the glowing pad over existing products Precise activation and operating in different phases: controlling over the intensity and the time of the illumination including the turning off of the reaction (the light).Possibility of operating stages (up to 8 sessions in the cornet glowing pad)Illumination of any shape and size.Glass free products.Improvement safeties and efficiency.Possibility of varied colors (mixed or not).Up to two colors in one unit.Graphics printed or hand writing.Flexibility, easy to design, easy to use, easily folded, can be placed in cracks.The possibility of pre-test of the product.Shock resistant.Easy to camouflage (One side visible with option for up to 360 °).Longer shelf life.Non cover pack necessary.Glow pad has self-adhesive backing.After activation the product gets thinner.Cost-effective efficiency. The inventiveness of this technology comes to fruition by the total freedom of the shape and size of the many possible products and applications thanks to the unique external blister operating system (BOS) of the product that enables the multiplicity of colors, graphics and shapes and the times of activations (all at ones or in different phases) to the best of the company’s knowledge there are no other Chemiluminescent technologies which give these multiplicity solutions. In addition the cost-effective efficiency compared to other products in the field is higher. Formaglow Ltd. is protected by a worldwide Patent's. More details